Ryan mastering small boat sailing
Justin, Kat, Meg, and Paul at Tampa Bay Skyway Bridge
Dolpins in Pass-a-grille channel
Jim on lookout, Marcy at the helm
Mike is “king of the world”
Evan at the helm through the bascule bridge on the ICW
Amanda having fun in the Florida Keys
Clowning around at dinner after a long day of sailing!
Mike, Amanda, and Cheryl on Tampa Bay
Captain Cheryl and the Roseway in St. Croix
Jonathan enjoying an 8 knot ride off St. Petersburg beach
Moline managing the dockside power
Kat at the helm through the bascule bridge
Coming back to Koa in Pass-a-grille, Florida
Koa in Cortez, Florida
Jeaneen and Jason in charge
Jon, Amy, Alex, Margarita, and Max enjoying a day with the commercial vessels
Elizabeth at the helm in the Gulf of Mexico
Swimming fun off Egmont Key, Tampa Bay
Jason and Jeaneen on watch for the bascule bridge
Amazing dinner by Kricket and Lindsay
Koa in the Gulf of Mexico – 100+ miles offshore

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